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About Us

Why do you waste so much time and money just to be one of the many?

Westwood is a group of committed individuals with a strong passion for hospitality. The objective of the company is to provide the most optimal solutions for hotel development and reconstruction projects by equipping them with customized interior furnishing.

The recent real estate boom has generated two fundamental challenges for developers. One is the increasing material costs the second is the labor shortage which further increases the construction costs overall. This has been resulting in delayed, if not failed, projects whilst the shrinking budget constraints further decreased the quality.

Leveraging the company’s well-established manufacturer partnerships, historical market experience and wide global network enables the most optimal solutions. Westwood provides customized products with tailored conditions at competitive prices.



Westwood is a proud import subsidiary of KKVJ Kft., a family owned holding company which has been a key player in the Hungarian construction market since 1993.

The solid professional background of the partners at Westwood in fields such as hotel development to international trading at global firms, is combined with the parent company’s three decades of market experience and well-established company culture.


At a certain level, quality is no longer a subjective concept but becomes indisputable. It is also presented not only by the product but throughout all service lines. Westwood is devoted to work with the highest quality products whilst delivering a five-star service. This is achieved by collaborating exclusively with the best of manufacturers, logistics companies and international partners.


Innovation is not only the key to business growth, but the only way to reshape our present for the better. This encourages our team to consider all aspects of innovation throughout each process cycle. The goal is not only to create trend-setting products and designs, but to find the most efficient and environmentally friendly methods.


The business culture of the entire group is based on family values such as; trust, respect, hard work, responsibility and of course laughter. These key principles and values are the foundation of our complex service activities.


Our Services



We provide an end-to-end solution for developers, interior architects and owners from the earliest stage of development until product installation.





Do NOT settle for the available options in the market.


We fulfill your hotel development needs and visions with personalized FF&E (furniture, fixtures & equipment) solutions and designer floor coverings. Our products that are not commercially traded, are tailor-made for you in our partner factories fulfilling any technical specification and standard that may be required.



Westwood offers two different types of vinyl floors, SPC and LVT. Both types of floors are fully customizable in terms of color (decor film), surface embossing, size, thickness, and wear layer thickness.



Westwood offers a wide range of options for project owners to choose from in terms of furniture.

Selections of Designer Furniture – Different style of furniture designed and manufactured by our partners and factories.

Customizable Furniture – Project owners can provide us with the design and specification of the desired items. Our factories will manufacture the products according to your needs.

For both options, project owners have a variety of choices of:

• Metal Finishing

• Solid Wood, Wood veneer

• Synthetic Fabric

• Genuine Leather

• Upholstery


More than 10,000 different color varations to choose from


Tailor-made furniture


Fully customizable options

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